Here we go
Pick any issue of Takarazuka Graph between Nov.1997 and newest one that was released.
Or Kageki between Jan. 2003 and Dec. 2009. ... I do have more before and after, but I'm too lazy right now to look at all the numbers... Well, you could choose any other Kageki from 1998 onwards and I could pick the number that is closest...
And see what I think about that issue. I will not post translations since... well, I can't but... let's see what my head comes up with, shall we?
(yeah and don't look at me like that)
In an advanced version you could add a name to the list.
Alright, give me some numbers so I have a excuse to spend hours in fron of my shelves and go on and post your own lists :)

Advent Calender Meme 2012
So, here are the rules for this year’s Advent Calendar Meme. ^_^

There will be a list of favorite Zuka-releated things, a different topic for each day leading us to Christmas. You can decide if you want to post short clips, make screencaps or just describe the show/or scene you chose. Same goes for pictures, you can tell us the Graph or Kageki issue and describe the picture or post a scan. (I guess it depends on whether or not you want to keep your posts friendslocked or open.)

I hope we’re going to have a lot of fun (I certainly had last year!) and I’m sure we’ll again learn a lot about the people on our friendslist.
I’m totally looking forward to see what you call your favorites.

Here’s the list (thanks for your suggestions and help):

Day 1 – Favorite Chirashi
Day 2 – Favorite Graph Feature
Day 3 – Favorite Revue
Day 4 – Favorite Pair Dance
Day 5 – Favorite Scene from Elisabeth (I guess everybody has seen this show at least in one version? Alternatingly a scene from BeruBara.)
Day 6 – Favorite Graph Cover Shooting
Day 7 – Funniest moment in a Revue
Day 8 – Best Photobook/Mook that was ever printed
Day 9 – Favorite Theme Song from a Show
Day 10 – Most horrible Outfit ever (on- or off-stage)
Day 11 – Favorite Otokoyaku Dance
Day 12 – Favorite Costume from a Show
Day 13 – Favorite current Musumeyaku
Day 14 – Favorite Stage Kiss
Day 15 – Favorite Kageki Picture
Day 16 – Favorite Show
Day 17 – Funniest/most embarrassing moment in your fan life
Day 18 – Favorite song from a non-stage CD release
Day 19 – Favorite Costume from a Revue
Day 20 – Favorite rehearsal picture
Day 21 – Favorite current Otokoyaku
Day 22 – Favorite Song from a Revue
Day 23 – Favorite Golden Combi
Day 24 – Favorite OG ever
Day 25 – One of your most precious Zuka-related items and the story behind it

Read “favorite” as “one of your favorite” and it’ll become a lot easier XD

I am totally proud to be part of this:

Our performance will be Sunday in two weeks, I'm so excited!

p.s.: yay, I'm a ninja! XD

After spending like three hours on YouTube...
Ahi charming
...I decided I want to be a tenor in my next life... XD

I stumbled across a group I didn't know yet, performing Musical Songs, they're called Teatro.
Though it was little strange to hear four men sing "Memories", I really liked their version of "I Dreamed A Dream" from LesMis.

EDIT: okay, I totally need their album now because I just found out they did "Edelweiss" from Sound of Music <3 <3 <3
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Hey Leute!
Sorry falls sich schon jemand Sorgen gemacht haben sollte. Es geht mir gut und ich bin sicher in Japan angekommen, hatte nur in Osaka leider kein Internet. Jetzt bin ich in Tokyo und musste feststellen, dass es in einer Woche schon wieder vorbei ist. T_T
Ansonsten geht es mir sehr gut, ich werde wieder eine schwere Tasche nach Hause schleppen muessen *lach* aber das ist ja nichts Neues.
Erwartet spannende Zuka Berichte und viele Videos von Andreas Kamera von mir. Und nein, diesmal habe ich mich nicht vor einem ganzen Zug blamiert und das Erlebnis auch nicht getoppt ~__^ Viel besser ^____^ Hehe. Neugierig? Abwarten XD
@ Lilli: Ich gruesse Dich (so, jetzt musst Du alles lesen was ich noch schreibe, wie versprochen)
Es ist schon spaet, Katha ist vom In-Der-Zweiten-Reihe-Bei-Zuka-Sitzen so geflasht und erschoepft, die muss jetzt erstmal schlafen. Bis bald~

Only a few more days...
... until vacation.
It's Japan time again ^___^
Anyone interested in meeting dark_toothfairy and me?
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I arrived safely and I am tired and it`s really really hot. But I`m happy and already did some shopping *laughs* Noyw I need some sleep and a nice shower and... a first kitchen XD
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Just a quick question
Will anyone of you be in Tokyo between July 30th and August 12th and is interested in meeting there for some sightseeing or Zuka-chatting?
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I wonder...
If I get a headache just minutes after I took some painkillers... will they take away that pain, too? Or just the pain I had before taking the drugs?
(Actually I could know, but I was so busy today I can't remember if the headache stopped during the day and came back or just stayed all day long...)
Any ideas?

Just a quick "bye bye" to you, I'm off to Japan tomorrow morning.
I don't have time to comment regularily while I am at home and I won't be able to comment much more once I'm there... *laughs*
But maybe I'll be able to post about it a few times.
I will be back in three weeks with lot's of pictures ^_____^
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